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Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is a powerful platform for building web applications. The J2EE platform offers all the advantages of developing in Java plus a comprehensive suite of server-side technologies.

Our Java J2EE training curriculum is the industry's most in-depth hands-on exposure to the Java platform. This Java development training course teaches Java and all of its foundational technologies.

This core Java training & J2EE training course provides attendees with the pragmatic, concrete, in depth knowledge, skills and a thorough hands-on exploration of the key J2EE APIs (Servlets & JSPs, JSF, EJB, JMS, JNDI, XML, etc.), other technologies like Struts, Spring, Hibernate and NetBeans IDE how to leverage the strength of each technology to build rich web applications that are robust, efficient, and maintainable.

Key Benefits

The Mastering Java training program is geared towards students who need to gain the essential skills required build and deploy robust, scalable and secure business applications on the web using the J2EE development platform.

You will learn core Java extensive knowledge and skills that are based on "useful day to day J2EE web application" that will make you a better Java Technocrats forever.

This advanced Java training institute course is also designed to help you prepare for Java training courses certification exams.

Our comprehensive Java training covers : Core Java 7 Training, Advanced Java Training, J2EE Training, Servlet Training, JSP Training, JSF Training, Struts Training, EJB Training, Hibernate Training, Spring Training

Java Training Course Prerequisites

Exposure to JavaScript would be helpful but not required. A basic knowledge of Database would be helpful for understanding the case study and some of the examples.

Java Server Page (JSP)

It covers the following : Introduction To JSP, Implicit Objects, JSP Directives, Standard Action Elements, Custom Tags, Expression Language, JSP Standard Tag Library(JSTL).

Java Server Faces (JSF)

It includes : Introduction to JSF, Working with Facelets, Working with Navigation, JSF with EL, Working with Data Table, Working with Facelet Tags, Conversion & Validation, Event Handling.


It includes the following : JavaEE Overview, Introduction to Servlet, Request Object, Response Object, Session Tracking, Servlet Filtering, Servlet Intialization & Configuration, Application Events, Annotation, Request Dispatcher, Asynchronous Processing.


It includes : Introduction to Struts, Action & Results, OGNL, Value Stack & Custom Tags, Working with Form Tags, Validation & Conversion, Working with Interceptors.

Java Persistence API (JPA)

It covers : Getting Started with Java Persistence API, Entity Manager, Data Manipulation, Entity Listeners, Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL), Entity Relationship, Transaction Management, Security Management, JPA with Struts.

Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)

It includes : EJB Architecture, Session Bean, Message Driven Bean, Exception Handling in EJB, EJB Timer Service, EJB-Based Web Services.


Hibernate Fundamentals, O/R Mapping, Hibernate Query Language (HQL), Persistent Lifecycle, Inheritance Mapping, Collections & Associations, Hibernate and Java Persistence / EJB 3.


It includes : Spring Essentials, Dependencies and Dependency Injection (DI), Bean & Spring Containers, Annotation Driven Configuration, Spring and Aspect-Oriented Programming, Persistence with Spring, Data Integration with Spring, Transactions in Spring, Spring and Security, Using Hibernate with Spring, Spring Web MVC.


It covers the following : Introduction to Java, Java Language Fundamentals, Variables & Data Types, Expression & Operators, Control Structures, Implict & Explicit Primitive Type Casting, OOP in Java, Abstract Classes & Interfaces, Arrays, java.lang Exception Handling, Enumeration, Generics, Collections, Threads, Annotation, JDBC.


1. 50% quality lecture.

2. 30% Hands on lab programs.

3. 20% lab problem solving exercises.

4. Normally the lecture segments lasting for 150 to 180 minutes/day.


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